OSU Masterclass and Concert Friday, February 16th.


  • An upcoming event at Oregon State University is worth visiting this Friday, February 16th featuring International Guitar Virtuoso Yuri Liberzon available to you for Free!
  • Our next Guitar Society Meeting is on Monday March 4th, 2024 (first Monday of the month) at Odd Fellows Hall and will begin at 7:15 pm

OSU Masterclass and Concert Friday, February 16th.

  • Yuri Liberzon will engage the Masterclasses for OSU guitar students at 4:30 pm and you can go visit and watch Yuri Liberzon managing the class for free.
  • Yuri Liberzon will be performing the Concert at OSU on the same day at 7:00 pm, and this is also available to you to visit for free 😊
  • Both activities will be in Community Hall 303 at OSU

Yuri Liberzon

Guitar Society Meeting Monday March 4th

Aaron Larget-Caplan will now be our featured artist for our March event in the Corvallis Guitar Society March Session. Details for our event will be sent to you this month.

Aaron Larget-Caplan

Best Regards
Jon Sharp, President Corvallis Guitar Society