Ensemble Sheet Music for May 1st Meeting

Here is the music we will be playing during the open ensemble session at the May 1st meeting. Please download the scores, take a look at which parts you would like to play, and try them out. Then bring a copy of your parts along with your guitar and music stand to the meeting, join in, and have some fun! You can always simplify your part if you find it too much to deal with.

Never Weatherbeaten Sail
El Testament d Amelia

La Paloma

Mysterious Barricades

I recommend you practice your parts for both La Paloma and Mysterious Barricades ahead of time. To help with this I have posted an MP3 file of La Paloma and a YouTube video of a trio performing Andrew Forrest’s arrangment of Mysterious Barricades. Try playing along with the recordings to give yourself a sense of how the part you selected to play fits in with the others. But don’t worry too much – just come along and give it a try!