The Spanish Guitar – From the streets to the concert stage

SPGThe Corvallis Guitar Society presents a fascinating view of the history of the Spanish guitar by tracing its journey from popular folk instrument of the street and parlor to one that regularly graces the stage of the world’s largest concert halls.

The opening night is Friday, April 22 at 7:30pm, followed by another performance Saturday, April 23. Both shows are $18 at the door, $16 for students and seniors.

How did this modest instrument outlast its competition and gain such popularity? Who was responsible for the guitar’s modern dimensions and construction and how did that lead to elevated technique and expanded repertoire? Who were the guitar’s champions, composers and principal artists? And how does the Spanish guitar fair today in the global fusion of music styles and performers?
This fast-moving, entertaining show tells the story through commentary, imagery and a great deal of virtuoso playing in a wide variety of styles.

Part concert, part lecture and part demonstration, this entertaining event will help answer these questions and should appeal to guitarists, those interested in learning about the history of the guitar, or those who simply like listening to guitar music.