CGS Newsletter – October 2015

Dear Members,
The Guitar Society motto is “Bringing local guitarists out of the woodwork” and that is certainly what happened at the last meeting on September 14th. We had a great turnout, great participation and an even greater range of music! Adam playing some great solo Blues arrangements by John Fahey in open tunings We began the evening with some good ensemble pieces from Andrew Forrest’s website and from Jerry Snyder’s Guitar School. There is clearly growing interest in the ensemble music and looking forward I can imagine this section evolving into a more structured session. Looking further down the road (for those who have never heard a guitar orchestra) it is quite remarkable the quality and depth of sound that can be created with a large number of guitars and, if you are still unsure, check out some of the guitar orchestras on YouTube. Here’s a good rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Continue reading “CGS Newsletter – October 2015”