Ensemble Sheet Music for April 3rd Guitar Society Meeting

Please find below the music scores for the open ensemble session at the upcoming Guitar Society Meeting on April 6th. I am delighted that our member Martin Erwig is treating us to another composition that he has written for the Society titled “Sigh of Relief”. He has included an MP3 file so you can hear what it sounds like. Thank you Martin!
I have also included an MP3 file for La Paloma to help anyone who wishes to practice their part in the context of the whole piece.
Please download the parts, decide which ones you wish to play, and bring a copy along with your guitar and music stand to the meeting. Don’t worry if you don’t want to play all the pieces. If some seem too hard, then simplify your part. Just join in wherever you wish and have fun!

The Greenwood Tree


Spanish_Harlem Arr Bill Tyers


La Paloma

The following piece Mysterious Barricades by Francois Couperin will be played at the meeting on May 1st. I am posting it now to give folks more time to look at it.
Mysterious Barricades