Ensemble Music Scores and Parts for May 6th+ Guitar Society Meeting

Dear Guitar Enthusiasts,
Here is the ensemble music we will be playing through over the upcoming two Guitar Society meetings starting May 6th at Odd Fellows Hall. These are the pieces we enjoyed playing so far this year and are on the list for the concert at the end of the year. Everyone is welcome to come and join in! Take a look at the scores and decide which parts you would like to play, print them out, work on them a bit, and bring them along to the meeting with your guitar. Don’t worry about whether you can play everything, just come along and have fun.

I am unable to post the complete score for Nimrod for copyright reasons. Look at the first page, decide which part(s) you want to play and email me

Scroll down for more info about the upcoming meeting on May 6th.
Best Regards
Jon Sharp